An entirely new way to experience the dentist

If you hate going to the dentist, you’re not alone. Every year millions of Americans neglect their teeth and put off needed dental work simply because of their fear of pain.
Now there’s a solution—Conscious Sedation Dentistry. Some call it sleep dentistry; others call it dental relaxation. Our patients call it wonderful.
The proven sedation dentistry methods offered by Gateway Dental Arts in Salt Lake City, Utah, mean our patients can dream through their dental experience with little or no memory of the visit. It’s true pain-free dentistry.

A range of sedation options

At Gateway Dental Arts, we realize everyone is different, and each person has a different level of comfort. Therefore, we offer a range of sedation options.

  • Oral anti-anxiety medications to be taken before your visit begins
  • Conscious sedation medications make you feel relaxed and calm, almost dreaming through the entire visit
  • True sleep dentistry or general anesthesia allows you to sleep through the entire procedure. (We even employ an anesthesiologist for this option to provide professional supervision.)

Even if you don’t elect dental sedation, you’ll find our office comfortable and relaxing. It’s even been called anxiety-free.

We understand that dentistry does not have to be painful—or scary. Call today and get ready to experience a new level of worry-free patient care.

No Pain. No Fear. Just one beautiful smile!

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